NoAH Ark Of Health

Tailor-made integrated telemedicine solutions for Seagoing Marine!!

User Friendly

Easy to use and fast application that enables the ability to create an emergency case, with just a few clicks

Internet Connection

NoAH is designed to work even under the most demanding enviromments. Over the limit of 2kb/s speed, is always connected.

Tailor-made Solutions

Let us design the packet that meets your needs, through a variety of available devices

Always in touch

With automated notifications, Doctor is always informed in case of emergency. 


Our Telemedicine Solutions are certified by the following:
•Telemedicine Platform certification by Inmarsat
•Telemedicine Platform certification by CISCO
•En ISO 9001:2008 No: 0108127
•En ISO 13485:2003 No: 0127012
that attest for the quality of our products and services.

for Maritime Sector
Lagaay International

Our "Case"

TMA’s Noah Ark of Health - No.A.H. maritime telemedicine system, is a portable unit which consists of diagnostic medical devices, along with No.A.H. Client that are able to cover most of the patient’s examination process. Diagnostic examinations, such as blood pressure, glucose meter, ECG, spirometry, even radiography, ultrasound, blood and urine tests etc., are taking place via No.A.H. telemedicine system. Additionally, all medical data that are acquired form No.A.H.’s Client are stored at the cloud EMR of No.A.H.’s Telemedicine Platform. Seafarer’s Personal Medical Record constitutes a necessity for everyone, in all technologically advanced countries.

Tailor-made Telemedicine Solutions!

About No.A.H.

TMA’s No.A.H. Ark of Health - No.A.H. Telemedicine Case, is a portable, self-contained Telemedicine system  that can be configured with the highest quality medical devices and technology required for accurate patient assessment  in mobile or remote applications.

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