Portable Telemedicine for Mobile Applications


NoAH is a vital extension to TMA’s e-Hygeia Telemedicine cloud EMR platform. Its main purpose is to assist first aid personnel to gather as much information about the patient’s condition, in the least possible time, in order to compose an accurate outlook of his clinical state. More specifically No.A.H. Telemedicine Client provides the following functionality:

      Create or retrieve a patient’s account

      Using First Aid standard questionnaire, assist for partial diagnosis

      Act as medical device proxy. NO.A.H. communicates with a number of medical devices and can compile a report of medical readings.

      Assemble a pack of any user-defined files to be sent via highly secured network along with medical reports created from medical readings

      Create, store and forward photos and videos of the patient with the assembled pack

      Scan, store and forward any document with the assembled pack

      Act as a telecommunication endpoint: allow video streaming towards e-Hygeia cloud platform and video conferencing between a medical center and NO.A.H.’s site location

      NO.A.H.’s users can assign a medical case, view available timeslots for a remote session with a specialized doctors and reserve such a timeslot

        Receive and display any medical consultation

        Integrated medical devices:

o   Telephonic Stethoscope that delivers high quality heart and lung sounds to a remote physician.

o   12-Lead ECG.

o   Vital Signs

o   Spirometer

o   General Examination Camera

o   iSTAT Biochemical Analyzer By Abbott

o   Drug & Alcohol Diagnostic equipment by Dräger

o   Digital Otoscope

o   Video Ophthalmoscope

o   Ultrasound Probes

o   X-RAY DR

      Flexibility: the list of supported medical devices is growing. The installed NO.A.H. Telemedicine Client will be automatically updated using an external update mechanism

Intuitive interface: NO.A.H. guides the user with the proper workflow by allowing only specific actions at any given time. 

• All data between NO.A.H. Telemedicine Client and TMA’s e-Hygeia Telemedicine EMR cloud platform are exchanged using encrypted connection.
• Any unsent files due to user negligence are deleted at next No.A.H.’s Startup

About No.A.H.

TMA’s No.A.H. Ark of Health - No.A.H. Telemedicine Case, is a portable, self-contained Telemedicine system  that can be configured with the highest quality medical devices and technology required for accurate patient assessment  in mobile or remote applications.

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